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Color in motion

Breathe life into your phone, create an excellent design - your own style !

The main idea was to create a pleasant background for the smartphone, which would not interfere with the normal orientation on the desktop, did not bother with long use and did not consume battery power.

The application had to be redone from scratch a couple of times. The first implementation was based on previous developments of “flag and emblem” app, but at the end a strong-willed decision was made to remake my app on the basis of the LibGDX library. In the future, this should speed up development, but this time I had to spend a lot of time studying the features of LibGDX, which is not particularly suitable for creating live wallpapers.

One of the latest version of my app template:

The original concept of the application meant only flowing gradients while preserving user’s changes in the cloud. In the process of development, I conducted various tests and I got an interesting result, quite by chance, when mixing the flowing gradient with the image. So there were backgrounds in this application.

What is now and what I would like to modify and add.

At the moment, we can view the flowing gradients with the choice of the page of interest simply by clicking on the icon, edit the pages of flowing gradients, choose backgrounds and adjust the speed of the flow.

More about editing.

In the setting mode we have the ability to enable a more complete editing mode. When it is active, the “Copy” and “Paste” buttons appear on the screen. These buttons have dual functionality: one is that in the viewing flowing gradients mode we can copy and paste an array of gradients, and second is that in the edit mode we can copy and replace the active page.

More about backgrounds.

Backgrounds implemented seamless or repetitive pictures. We specify 1 fragment of the image, which is subsequently duplicated along the X and Y axes, creating an image on the entire screen. This allows you to place a sufficient number of backgrounds, almost without increasing the final size of the application. And the implementation in the program is quite simple, OpenGL takes over.

When I receive a certain return from the application, I would like to implement the following functionality:

  • 1. Scaling backgrounds by users
  • 2. In the background selection window on the background, display the selected background with scaling, which we specified
  • 3. Adding new backgrounds (question of $30)
  • 4. Animated backgrounds
  • 5. Storing changes in flowing gradients in the cloud, which guarantees the safety of the change after reinstalling the application and opens the opportunity to share your work with other users and get a response.

  • Year : Jun 6, 2018
  • Type : Paid